Geographic expansion with the best customer experience

We work to grow in Brazil by expanding the offering of our Telecom and IT solutions and providing the best customer experience.

Our current growth focus is mainly in the B2B segment. To this end, we expanded our networks to Brazilian regions with the lowest penetration rates of data services and less competition, identifying them through georeferencing the number of potential corporate customers. We also invested in concentrating the networks already installed, expanding our operation to micro and small companies, and ensuring economies of scale and efficiency in the services provided. With this goal, we started our geographic expansion in the Southeast region and are currently present from the South to the Northeast regions of Brazil.

We seek to offer complete and innovative solutions, in which high-speed fiber connectivity services are accompanied by products that broadly meet customer needs. We are founding partners of Brain – a Center for Innovation in Digital Business, and maintain Estação, an area of Algar Telecom that uses agile methods to internalize and scale emerging innovations. Thus, we keep our pioneering record of accomplishment and a modern portfolio of products and services.

Our purpose: People serving People, customer satisfaction is at the core of our operation. We favor local sales teams that know better the habits and demands of each region, and train technical teams to perform maintenances in the most efficient way possible. Our Network Operations Center works 24×7 and constantly monitors information to anticipate possible incidents and reduce response time. We are also undergoing a digital transformation journey with to reduce the efforts of our more than 1.3 million customers and continuously improve their experience, thus keeping us as their first choice

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Corporate Customers (B2B)
Retail Customers (B2C)