The Board of Directors has three non-deliberative advisory committees, formed by external experts and advisors: Audit and Risk Management, Corporate Governance & Human Talents, and Strategy & Innovation. These Committees assist the board members in deepening their analysis and understanding of specific issues when making decisions. Their functioning and responsibilities are defined by their respective Internal Regulations.

Audit and Risk Management: This committee’s role is to ensure the quality, integrity, transparency and credibility of financial statements, the effectiveness of internal and independent auditing processes (internal and independent) and the controls and compliance with applicable legislation, as well as to ensure an adequate management policy for corporate risks.

Corporate Governance & Human Talents: The mission of this committee is to ensure a strategic management of Human Talents and to be perceived and valued by stakeholders as one of Algar Telecom’s competitive advantages, as well as to ensure the effective adoption and continuous evolution of best Corporate Governance practices, reinforcing the Company’s vision of the future and long-term prospects.

Strategy & Innovation: This committee promotes and ensures the discussions, within the Board of Directors’ framework, of matters that are highly relevant and impact the Company in terms of strategic guidelines, innovation, investments, including for acquisitions and new businesses, and budget discussions, as well as defines value-creation performance goals.