Our B2B offering is based on the combination of a wide infrastructure built on modern technology and supported by a network of approximately 61,277 km of fiber optics, broken down as follows: (a) 50,277 km with capillarity and access located in Brazil’s Southeast, South and Center-West regions, including 17,000 km in metropolitan areas and connecting over 3,300 buildings (on-net buildings); and (b) 11,000 km of a submarine communications cable – which is at its final phase of construction – connecting the cities of Santos (SP) and Fortaleza (CE) to Boca Raton (Florida, USA); and a portfolio of services, including dedicated IP data links, VoIP services, Ethernet services, clear channel, network security services, as well as standardized technology products providing a complete array of services, such as cloud, hosting, co-location, videoconference, managed services, virtual PABX, and Anti-DDoS.

Our 34 regional offices ensure our closer proximity to our corporate clients. Our sales and advisory services areas have their own business units comprised by commercial and technical consultants, enabling us to grow in this market, in addition to delivering higher value-added to our clients.

The B2B clients are the main growth focus of Algar Telecom. This highly attractive strategy – due to the low rates of penetration of connectivity data services in Brazil – is focused on the expansion of our networks into attractive regions, which are identified by georeferencing the number of potential corporate clients. We have invested in the densification of our installed networksallowing economies of scale and efficiency.