We are part of the Algar Group. Renowned as pioneers, with family control and professional management, we are a diversified group that operates in the industries of Telecommunications, Agro, Tourism and Services. From Uberlândia-MG, where our headquarter is located, the operations of the Algar companies reach the entire national territory and countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Mexico.

Given the entrepreneurial vocation, a distinguishing signature of the Group’s path, we invest in innovation. In 2016, we created Algar Ventures to identify innovative and visionary initiatives and companies that foresee trends and changes in the market in which our companies operate.

We are also recognized by our corporate governance practices and, due to our belief in its strategic significance, we seek to continuously improve it by incorporating the best market practices and principles internationally recognized.

We value relationships and human potential, placing people first. Thus, our companies and the approximately 23,000 members – the name given to Algar Group’s employees – provide services to around 2 million clients, driven by the ‘Gente Servindo Gente’ (People serving People) purpose, which encourages innovative, sustainable and committed with integrity behaviors, throughout our journey.